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Laravel web app allowing users to find, comment, and rate on their favourite courses

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I initially began this module's assignment with the intention to build a web application similar to my team's student companion app for the module Systems Analysis and Design. An unexpected but welcome update to our compulsory servers halfway through the assignment however (PHP version 5.6 > 7.2), brought about some tough decisions.

I wanted to challenge myself in this module, and even though my lecturer voiced against such a late change I felt the need to try something completely different and had heard a lot of good things about the PHP framework Laravel. With some great help from Laracasts, and a lot of time poring over Laravel's documentation (which are pretty good for the most part), I decided to give it a go!

Member account page of coursefinder web application

Where to play next?

As you may have realised by now from other projects, I'm a keen golfer and I knew before beginning this module that I wanted to create an application based around my favourite pastime. After the first assignment of researching a viable market, I decided to create an application whereby a golfer can quickly find a new course to play. Each course would allow users to post messages and a rating for others to see and comment on themselves. They can also upload their own favourite or local course for others to view and comment on, with the ability to save courses for later viewing.

Augusta Golf Club Coursefinder webpage


Now having built an application with Laravel, I've come to realise just how powerful it and the surrounding ecosystem is. Utilising both Laravel's Eloquent Object-relational mapping and the Database Query Builder was just fantastic as a developer and really eye-opening. With its inclusion of another great framework Vuejs and the handling of responses with Resource Collections, it makes it a powerful tool to utilise and build a multitude of applications.

With that said, I'm really glad I made the decision to give it a go and learned a great deal from the experience, and thankfully it paid off with a complete application at the end.