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Public Drone Mission to create a Photoshop asset of a local landmark

Tiny planet of Worcester Cathedral
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Safety First

The drone module was a first for the University and one that I quite enjoyed and had purchased my own in anticipation of the module beginning. The assignment was to produce a unique media asset, with a major consideration to ensure that the mission of our choosing could be conducted safely, both to the general public, ourselves and the surroundings.

That meant having to extensively research both the area and the capabilities of the drone and compile a thorough pre/post flight checklist to be able to successfully conduct a safe mission in a public area. This involved checking for obstacles for instance, any local events being conducted, and any NOTAM alerts which would hinder our ability to fly.

Small World

Unfortunately, after investigating both a safe area and with the checklist in hand, we had to abandon the mission on the day as it began to rain once we'd arrived on site. What it meant was that due to the limited amount of time remaining, we were given access to previously conducted missions to complete our works.

Panorama of 14 images taken from a drone mission conducted by Worcester Cathedral

With access to this data, I collated the best images of Worcester's Cathedral to create a tiny planet effect in Photoshop. The above image is Photoshop's surprisingly good first effort in stitching together 14 separate images taken from the drone.

Panorama of the 14 images taken from a drone mission conducted by Worcester Cathedral, this time however the sides are joined together to show that they aren't a complete 360°

The issue that may not be evident however from the first image and highlighted above is that it isn't a complete 360° panorama, making the join that much harder in the effort of creating a tiny planet. The other is that there are parts in the lower centre that are completely missing that need to be filled in.

Panorama of the fixed join of 14 images taken from a drone mission conducted by Worcester Cathedral

After filling in the blanks, particularly around the river and the tree line, making the best of the lack of 360° data within Photoshop, the final panorama above was used to create a tiny planet asset of Worcester Cathedral shown below. Although it's a little swirly around the middle, the autumn colours really set the image and effect well.

Tiny planet icon of Worcester Cathedral