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A re-build of an application for a University Mobile Assignment, utilising a modern stack of React Native with Expo

Screenshot of the application running on an iPhone
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Refresh my memory

Having decided to learn more of the popular JavaScript library React JS, a curiosity for its mobile form and the development process, I settled on building a mobile application with React Native. React Native allows you to build cross platform (iOS, Android) mobile applications in a similar semantic pattern to its cousin library, reducing costs associated with multi-platform development through familiarity and code base.

With that said, my project of choice was one I'd completed prior for a 2nd Year University Assignment, an application that allows users to set and be reminded of when to take their medication. If you've already read the relevant blog, you'll understand why I was keen to try a different development path this time.

As part of the application's feature set, certain device functions (local storage, GPS) are required which aren't natively part of React Native, but which can be accessed through the Expo SDK library. Expo also provides simple implementations to start and publish applications on various platform stores.

iOS mobile application for reminding users to take their medication

To be continued

Having now built an app with React Native, I must say for me I much prefer to not just using React to build the app, but also Expo for the development process and accessing native functionality. Of course there were little snags here and there, styling and inspecting components being one of the most troublesome, although that's addressed already. The outcome and the process was greatly preferable however to my previous endeavour to build a mobile app.

With that said, although the application is 'finished', I can't confidently add local notifications during this time as the Expo SDK is still to settle on handling iOS local notifications, particularly notifications that are indefinite. It seems that that Apple are keen in repressing certain 'nagging' notifications atm. It seems this battle will continue for a while yet.